Talium – innovative IT engineering

Our vision

Our experience and constant watch on the state-of-the-art and IT innovations enable us to identify optimal added values for process digitization projects. New IT is changing the world (AI, Blockchain, IoT, mobile…) and our team is committed to making the best from it.

Our values

  • Ethics
  • Technical excellence and engineering spirit
  • Strong commitment on each project until its end
  • Team spirit and continuous improvement
  • Passionate about real-added-value innovation

Our team

The reputation we’re the most proud of? The recognized quality of our colleagues, a hand-picked dream team of IT engineers who share technical excellency and human values.

Our clients

For every project, be it one-shot expertise or several-year software development, we focus on customer satisfaction. Clients range from large multinationals to SMEs, covering all fields: finance, construction, transport, energy, media, retail, telco, software edition…