Mobile apps with relational database and offline support

All-platform Java

Ever wished you could develop with a single source code (standard Java) a business app running on ANY platform (Android, iOS, PC, Mac, RPi…) with world-class offline support? Well: just contact us.

Native Android

Our disruptive mobile sync framework (AirSync) has also been declined for Android Java apps.

Hybrid (HTML5/JS)

Another declination of our disruptive sync framework is as a Cordova plugin for HTML5/CSS/JS apps running on Android.

Oracle MAF

Cross-platform (Android, iOS, Windows) corporate-class mobile apps built with Oracle’s Mobile Application Framework (and possibly using Oracle’s Mobile Cloud Service).

Differentiating characteristics

Offline support

When using our AirSync framework for synching embedded relational databases with unrivaled performance, your mobile apps work offline with no need to restrict functionalities.

Sync performance

AirSync enables generating the initial embedded database on-the-fly (e.g., 30 seconds) even when involving dozens of tables and hundreds of thousands of lines. Afterwards, syncs are differential and thoroughly optimized.


Advanced experience with security aspects: LDAP, security groups, OAuth, encryption, Blockchain, OID/OAM… Our web hosting partner is also accredited for health data hosting.