We build custom blockchain projects for enterprise. We can contribute at different stages of a project: as soon as the ideation stage of the use cases and for the full project implementation, for change management support, for the development of the software solution, for a Proof of Concept or a Minimal Viable Product (MVP), for migrating existing applications to DLTs (Distributed Ledger Technologies). We can also get involved punctually as technical experts on particular issues: development or audit of smart contract, performance, scalability, security, high availability, development of Dapps, etc .



Full project development from architecture do delivery: Our corporate customers confirm this: they do not trust us solely for our Blockchain development experience but for our 360 ° vision of IT projects, our ability to develop architectures, integrate them with existing systems, and incorporate other project components such as IoT, Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, Cloud services, etc.

Specific Advanced Technical Consulting: We develop projects on different private or public blockchains: Hyperledger Fabric; Ethereum or Stellar are part of it. We keep a permanent watch on the blockchains and different protocols. We are involved in solving specific technical issues requiring high-level expertise: architecture, High availability, scalability, operating costs, energy expenditure etc …

Support for your digital transformation: Our history of building business applications with high technical added value for customers of all sizes and sectors has allowed us to develop a solid knowledge of companies and the challenges of digital transformation.

Audit of your Blockchain project: We have developed a vast Blockchain experience since 2015, due to the scope and diversity of the projects we have conducted. This experience allows us to take a step back and bring you the expertise that can make the difference.


The assurance of state of the art strategic and technological choices, the security of entrusting your project to an expert who knows how to deploy it, the benefit of an optimized time to market and cost of ownership.



The success of a Blockchain project depends on a few key factors, some of which are specific to this technology. This is why we have developed a methodology for conducting blockchain projects.



The development issues that arise at the proof of concept stage are not the same as those encountered during the industrialization phase. To validate the initial technical choices and ensure the implementation of the demonstrators of your concept, it is prudent to choose a technically neutral partner with a great experience in research and development of blockchain technologies.

To carry out your project up to the industrialization phase, it is advisable to be accompanied by a partner mastering potential issues during production stage : robustness, scalability, performance, security, high availability, software scalability and system, integration with software, hardware … while meeting specific project constraints: cost, energy consumption, reliability of the system over time, etc. In a blockchain project, 80% of the development costs concern the integration of the different systems. The added value of the blockchain integrator, is to build the global architecture ensuring the homogeneity of the systems of the different actors involved, integrating the constraints, without forgetting the implementation of analytical or governance tools, enabling project management.

Talium brings expertise based on research and development conducted since 2015 on multiple technologies of distributed registers. Our permanent watch allows us to guide our customers towards the best technical choices, strategically in line with the specificities of their IS and project constraints. Our involvement in numerous projects in various sectors of activity (energy, health, retail, industry, supply chain, finance, etc.) has allowed us to put in place good practices and generic approaches that will save you time. … and money.