Blockchains technologies are a game changer for your industry, you are launching an ICO or a STO to gather a community and finance your development.

We assist entrepreneurs in building their blockchain technical solution and conducting their ICO/STO. We take charge of the architecture and software development of the project from A to Z. We act as a true technical partner, and our services go from the implementation of the ICO/STO platform, the development of the smart contract, to take their full dimension on the technical architecture of the solution, the development of the MVP and the product integration, the go-live and post-ICO monitoring.



Our “ICO booster” tools: We have developed flexible solutions that allow us to offer you customized services and tools meeting the generic needs of an ICO/STO and a blockchain project, and all this with an excellent Time to Market: ICO/STO Platform / Wallet Security / smart contracts auditing.

ICO technical support: We support ICOs with all kinds of technical requirements and needs : that allowed us to build an unchallenged knowledge of blockchain technologies and possibilities for our ICO/STO clients and to propose innovative solutions with a reduced time to market. The management team of Talium is on the board of advisors of several ICOs internationally.

Technical audit of your blockchain project: Each project has issues that need to be answered in a customized way, with the most appropriate blockchain technology and architecture. Our strength is to have benchmarked and integrated various blockchains protocols beyond Proof Of Concept up to the launch phase. We are at the forefront of blockchain technologies and DLTs.

Development and production: Our 360 ° vision of system integrators enables us to anticipate the start of production and to design the most relevant MVP architecture for the production environment of your project.


The benefit of being supported by a real partner whether in terms of technical input, strategy or communication. Our vast experience allows us to offer you optimized time to market and total cost of ownership.

We have found in Talium a trusted partner for our blockchain development projects. Talium brings us its expertise and ongoing advice on architectural choices with a broader vision than the blockchain-centric approach. Their experience as a system integrator has allowed us to move forward with a real mastery of production deployment (cost, delay, technical choices, integration …).

Caroline Plaza - CTO Sunchain

Talium, a trusted partner for our Ethereum project.
Architecture, deployment, development of the DApp and the back end: the Talium team brings us a strong expertise and delivers in an agile way. For BCDiploma, the collaboration with Talium has enabled a high quality operational start!

Luc Jarry-Lacombe - CEO BCDiploma