Blockchain/Crypto blocks

Audit OF smart contraCts

We audit your smart contracts. We identify possible bugs in the smart contract code and the severity / classification of the detected problems. We introduce optimizations when relevant to the smart contract code.

Wallets Security

Security is key for our customers as they chose blockchain for sensitive applications like marketplaces, health care or trade finance, with large numbers of transactions or sensitive data involved. As with any crypto-based infrastructure, protecting keys is essential to ensuring a blockchain system’s security. A key lost or stolen, it is like giving away your bank account or granting unlimited access to your most personal information.
A successful blockchain system needs highly reliable methods of interfacing with strong key protection practices.

Talium offers a solution for secure private key management to blockchain platforms, highy reliable and more cost efficient than Hadware Security Modules systems. The solution is powered by Fortanix Runtime Encryption platform that uses Intel® SGX technology. It runs on IBM Cloud Data Guard. It helps integrating the Fortanix platform with blockchain technology. Talium lately chose Fortanix Runtime Encryption for creating a secure environment for our partner Irene Energy, that is runtime memory encrypted, to store private keys and to sign transactions at scale on Stellar blockchain.

Secret Sharing – Secure Multiparty Computation

Personal and business data are both an issue when it comes to their protection, and an opportunity when it comes to using them to their full potential. The Secret Sharing protocols and those related to Secure Multiparty Computation – sMPC allow the following opportunities:

– Massive data processing through blockchain applications, while guaranteeing privacy and complying with RGPD

– Breaking data silos, and allowing controlled access to shared information internally or between different entities, while protecting access to sensitive data.

ICO/STO Plateforme

Thanks to our modular solution, we develop your customized ICO/STO platform and integrate all the tools necessary for your token issue: smart contract; KYC; integration of payments; dashboard; and guarantee an excellent time to market.


MOBILE synchronisation

Thanks to our AirSync synchronization framework designed for embedded relational databases, your business applications are boosted in offline mode on your mobile supports and can use the same functionalities as if you were connected to the Internet network.