Blockchains & DLTs

Real experience, real projects, real expertise

Founded in 2012, Talium is an IT service company providing specialized consulting in blockchains and business process digitization. Its high-level engineers conceive, build and deploy software solutions, often involving complex systems integration, for customers in every sector (France, Luxembourg).

Talium knows the major blockchain technologies inside out (Ethereum, Hyperledger, IOTA…). These skills grew over time since 2015 through advanced benchmarks and one-off consultings, then accelerated abruptly in September 2016 when Talium became, to this day, blockchain R&D partner of Sunchain, a startup devoted to distributed solar energy self-consumption. Interestingly, this project has led to a unique understanding of blockchain-for-IoT issues, with several world premieres.

Talium is also blockchain expert integration partner of ICO-financed startups. One is Legolas Exchange, an innovative cryptocurrency exchange platform for which Talium is architecting and developing blockchain-using core modules with high performance stakes. Another one is BCDiploma which designed a GDPR-compliant new standard to access certified and academic data; Talium brings blockchain expertise and qualified engineers.

Other blockchain projects are under preparation (energy, social, health…).

Talium has become a major actor in the blockchain ecosystem. It also animates Meetups and Facebook groups, presides over a regional association, builds ties with foremost contributors, and officiates as ICO advisor.