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For the issuer

… risk management results in an adapted strategy (dilutive or non-dilutive), but also in a reduction of costs and risks for investors (automation and market liquidity).

For the investor

… risk management is based on various levers such as diversification, the ability to sell or exit an investment, portfolio management and exposure.

The keys to success


The creation of a secondary market allows an investor to resell his investment and reduces his exposure to risk.


End-to-end automated processes increase productivity while reducing costs and error rates. 

The Talium solution

simplify access & reduce your costs

Talium provides a white-label SaaS solution for intermediaries to set up a marketplace. You save money by benefiting from superior automation, and you reduce your risks for: fundraising, asset management and the secondary market by making your investment liquid.

Traditional investment. Better.

Your financial securities: equities, bonds, fund shares

The Talium Assets solution is compatible with all CFI securities (including equities, bonds and fund shares) with the ability to manage the different share classes.

Revenue Based Financing 2.0

A new alternative funding model

Revenue based financing (RBF) raises funds in exchange for a percentage of revenue over a period of time until it is repaid N times – or longer until recovery.

No Dilution

No Debt

Low Risk

Keys to success &
Talium Assets Solution


1 – Turnover

2 – Royalty calculation

3 – Automatic payment


1 – Investors

2 – Bulletin board

3 – OTC trading

The end of payments

(3 scenarios)

01 - Royalty Cap
the royalty limit is reached
02 - Engagement period
The engagement period is over and the investor has recovered at least the amount financed
03 - Initial investment
the engagement period is extended beyond its initial term until the investor has recovered the amount financed


The issuer

… can acquire seed capital through due diligence, scoring or patents but also development capital if he has good visibility on his revenues.

He raises funds, doesn’t take on any debt, doesn’t dilute his capital, and keeps all his decision-making power.

The investor

… reduces his exposure to risk by receiving income from the first results of the project and can resell his right at any time.

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