Blockchain & Tokenization


Blockchain advisor,  Benchmarking

Technical Specs

(Back & Front)

Talium Assets
(API / White label)

White Paper
& Tokenomics

We collect factual information about your project in order to present it to your future investors.

In addition, some projects require the issuance of a utility token with its own economy. We provide you with a tailor-made strategy and simulations to ensure the best possible economic life cycle of your token.

Smart Contract
Audit / Development

Our team of experts in blockchain technology supports you in the development and auditing of smart contracts.

We identify possible bugs in the smart contract code and the severity/classification of the detected problems. We propose optimizations of the smart contract code when relevant.


We provide blockchain solutions and services to accelerate your time to market. These solutions are technical and functional bricks that are frequently found in crypto development projects, such as wallet security (use of DKMS, HSM, MPC), RTB exchanges, secret sharing, etc.

Coaching, Formation,
Reverse engineering

Our team of experts is ready to help you at any stage of your project: 
– reflection,
– implementation,
– evolution.


Technical Assistance

Providing experienced specialists

Blockchain architects, experts in tokenization projects (STO, ICO), smart contract developers, application developers, trainers.

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